The Winston Pact

Who Was Charles "Charley" Winston?
A step in the wrong direction...

The party garthers and mourns the loss of an old friend.

How did he die?

Where did he pass?

What was he doing?

Why was he murdered?

How We Know Charley

Quiet, well spoken and did not discuss what he did for a profession.

Physically, Charley, was a large man, not obese but large and solid. He had dirty fingernails but he wore really nice suits, indicating money.

Multiple Stab Wounds, multiple gun shot wounds (one was a shot gun blast)

Where is the funeral:

Jones McCracken: Went to high school with him. Rubbed elbows in detention.
Ed’s Dude: Commanding Officer of expeditionary force in WW1.
Charles Lewis Templeton III: Treated a cut would in right leg during residency in Iowa.
Jack Belmont: Associate of Jack’s father, Jack Belmont Sr. , was like an uncle to young Jack.

At Charley's visitation

At visitation:

Four people claim to be close personal friends:
Dr. Armitage, a man of some note from back east. Dr. Rice, Dr. Wilmar, Dr. Cyrus.

Mostly whites, but South East Asian, African Americans, and South Americans. A very diverse crowd of well dressed individuals.

They think he choked on steak and died.

South East Asians say he was a close friend of the family. He visited many many times.

Danny:Danny Valient
Spent point of sense trouble. 3 gentlemen on the left keeping to themselves are gov’t people.

Charles Lewis Templeton III:
talks with the Dr’s and gets address of meetup later that evening.

At Restaurant


Meeting with the Doctors. Having dinner and reminiscing. Eating well.

Dr. Armitage is head librarian at Miskatonic University. A bit wacky lost in academia.
Dr. Warren Rice is frumpy and always down. Classical languages.
Dr. Albert Wilmar, New England folklore. Miskatonic. He’s a little off. Not all there.
Dr. Cyrus Llanfer. Assistant at the Library.

Albert was in Vermont when he met Charley, investigating folklore revolving around creatures. and he saved Albert’s life. There were creatures in the mountains and things that no one could understand. There were explosions, gun shots. Charley saved him.

Now they have a group where they investigate oddities.

Charley died with Message 2 stuck in his throat. Armitage found document 1 in his own desk drawer. Both notes are in Armitage’s handwriting.

Danny followed the German guy into the bathroom to and asked the guy why they were following. Afterward they got into a government car with embassy plates.

At the docks
"Take me to the illegal activity."

Met up with Diamond’s son and got ran off.

On the plane, reading the documents
  • Do not open the red box (maybe a book) it allows the hornets to enter the mind)
  • The book only exists in the minds of those who name
  • The book leads to the box leads to the wasps
  • Diamond Walsh is a gangster in Boston
  • Do not drink the tears of Azathoth
  • Don’t trust Austin Kitrell (smokes thin cigars)
  • Sanitorium outside of town. (something wierd there, a patient there knows more than he thinks he knows.")
  • People at the circus tried to keep him out
  • Tried to send some
Document Forensics

from forensics on the letter:

  • Human blood and unknown on letter one.
  • Volcanic Ash & soot & pulverized concrete on the letter
  • He may be telling the truth
  • Document is radiating
  • Document 1 has ash and blood in the ink
  • Document 2
  • Photograph is legit and looks to have been cut with a scalpel
  • something on the back of the picture powdery like flour, not sure what it is.
Danny Valiant outside

Notices Library is very heavily guarded compared to the rest of the place.

Jones in Library

The image at the bottom of the notes is a pin from the yacht club.
Library research on the yacht club is sparse, although very thorough on most everything else. Like it had been purposely redacted.

Jack researching Dr Wilmar Vermont Expedition
  • Files heavily secured in library steel vault.
  • Wilmar investigating local folklore.
  • Several photos of bug-like creatures including one of Charlie holding a giant bug antenna.
  • Journal stated Charlie showed up at the cave unannounced; did not accompany expedition team initially.

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