The Winston Pact

At the graveyard.

Danny stands watch at the gate.

We all go in and find the grave for James, and it is dated today, but it looks like the ground has not been disturbed. We need shovels to dig so we head over to the shed.

We hear a knocking in the shed, so we call Danny over from the gate with cleverly disguised nature calls. “Ca caw ca caw. Whoo Whoo”

He comes over and gives his Tommy gun to Jones Mccracken to cover the door. He takes out his knife and brass knuckles and prepares to enter the room. Charles prepares to open the door and Jack is going to shine the light inside.

The door opens and it’s a zombie type character with a note pinned to his chest that says “I want the book” and it stumbles towards us. Danny pins it to the wall with one hand and stabs furiously with the knife to no effect. Jack leaps into the room and grabs a pick axe. He yells for Danny to step aside as he swings wilds pinning the zombie to the wall with the axe. Jones and Charles wait patiently outside for the shenanigans to complete.

We return to the graveyard and dig. We find a coffin and when opened it reveals a creepy black book that seems to be made of some sort of black onion skin or something we don’t know the origin of. It has a crazy symbol on the cover and we suspect this must be the book in question.

We hop on the horses and head quickly back to town.

Charles and Jones visit the Asylum

Charles and Jones ride horses down to the Asylum. They use the keys to open the doors and head down to James room. His door is ajar.

Charles and Jones both fail to sense any trouble so they head into the room. It’s a bloody scene. James has been dismembered. There is blood everywhere. Almost immediately, Jones is stabbed in the back and falls to the ground in the doorway.

The doc’s (def mute orderly) turns out not to be so deaf and says something or other as he lumbers towards Charles. Charles goes into his Dr’s back for a tranquilizer needle. As the large orderly steps over Jones, he grabs his leg and trips him. When the big guy hits the ground Charles quickly stabs him in the neck and it’s lights out.

Shortly thereafter Danny and Jack show up.

Research finds that there are tons of passages and references in the books indicating today that are circled, or highlighted in some way. James knew he was going to die today.

We lock the big orderly in the room and take his keys.

There is some reference to the graveyard… from somewhere.. I missed the notes on this

Danny breaks in

find paperwork indicating that Dr Smith is lying and that he worked with Armitage to get James Hargeaves transferred here. He also takes the book.

He runs into Danny on his way out of the house and they decide to head toward the Asylum to check on Charles and Jones

Dr Smith offers to let us stay the night.

We have dinner at Dr Smith’s house. Danny detects that he’s not very truthful.

After the dinner we retire to our cottages. A letter slides under the door and says “A.K. can see you.” on the other side it says “Give me the book”.

Danny goes off and hops out the window chasing after whoever left the letter.

Charles Lewis Templeton III, MD is determined to go the asylum. Jack doesn’t want to go, but Jones agree to go with him.

Jack decides to follow Danny’s footsteps up to the house.

Inside the Asylum

It’s about 45 minutes to the administration office. It’s an enormous place. As we pass by the asylum Danny notices that the number of orderlies doesn’t seem like enough for the number of patients.

We arrive at the Administration building and request to see Dr Smith.

Smith agrees to take Charles in to see James Hargreaves while the other guys wait in the lobby.

Charles gets the doc to give him the file of James Hargreaves. Says he is very violent. Chuck asks how and told that he bit someones ear off.

Charles feels that Dr Smith is telling the truth. Doc left Charles with the file.

James is rather hysterical explaining that he will die that night. He says that “He is already dead.” He knew all our names. And said one way or another he would die tonight.

“A gentleman will throw down a card with AK, or I will be stuck by lightning, but I will die tonight”

We arrive in Bedlam
by train

We hit up the mechanic for a car.

We acquire a Ford pickup for $2 but Jack gives him $3. The engine was in disrepair, but Danny did some mechanic action on it.

Upon arrival at the Asylum, Jack fails to flatter the guard to gain entrance but Jones offers up a fiver to gain entry.

Go visit James Hargrave

Armitage says, “Sorry about the last adventure, it was a test.”

No for the reals, go and visit James Hargrave, he might have some idea how the time travel letters are happening. He fully believes the letters are from himself in the future, but he is sounding more and more desperate.

He’s at Arkham Asylum… as a patient of Dr. Smith. He was a professor @ Miskatonic. Tell him that we’re friends with Armitage.

  • Charles takes an overnight bag and a doctor bag with sedatives and scalpel and standard doctor accouterments.
  • Danny takes brass knuckles and an overnight bag.
  • Jones takes a knife and overnight bag.
  • Belmont takes fancy luggage with a gun in a hidden compartment and a two shooter in his boot.
Got Medallion back from Bob
He doesn't know what it is.

Jones Mccracken has been thinking a lot about the medallion so he wants to head directly to Bob to find out what he knows.

Bob has never seen this kind of metal just knows it is of a military design. It is so black that it seems to absorb all light.

Jones takes the medallion and we agree to send it to a lab owned by Jack Belmont.


Oliver Gardnertells you via private currier Austin Kittrell has not been seen in the club for some time. Many think he is drunk in a ditch. Oliver thinks something else is going on.

In the train

The dead kid smells like the same stuff the head is soaking in.

He has a growth in his chest and it turns out to be one of the transportation stones. We figure we need one stone per person to travel back.

From behind us Thomas Fell appears and he says “You will never get the stones. They are mine.”

Jack turns and shoots Thomas in the head, who’s head drops and then pops right back up. Jones and Jack both blow firearms points and Jones cuts him in half with his shotgun.

Danny throws a flask on him and sets him on fire. Then we see the head sprout legs and walk away.

Jack loses his shit, but tries to pull it together by focusing on his parents and butler.

Danny is on the brink of losing his shit but focused on Father Logan.

Charles chases after the head and grabs it by the hair. The head screams and all of the dead bodies reanimate.

Shots do nothing to the dead bodies. We decide to stuff the mouth of Thomas full of dynamite and throw the head at the other bodies.

He blows up but the other heads start walking around in the same way.

We looks over Thomas’s burnt body and find the other stones we need. We head back to the obelisk and are transported back to the basement.

We find the page sticking out of the obelisk. It starts to get windy again and we run out just as the house phases out of existence. Danny pulls Charles back just as he is about to disappear with the house.



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