The Winston Pact

On the mountain top


Jack starts to lose it when he sees Janus dead and looking like he’s broken in the middle and turned to stone.

Chuck’s biology tells us that the vines are not native.

Under the vines, lies a glyph sketched into the dirt. It looks very summery , Jones loses it.

Take a picture of the Glyph, and Janus.

We start walking down the path and the stones on the left are changing. It seems like the stones are from under water. They’re very smooth and seem like they have been beaten by water.

We discover blood on the trail, it leads behind more vines.

Charles gets all excited and barges in.

We see a train leading into the mountains. Propped up against the train is a dead Asian man with no heart (same serious guy from the photo). He has written in blood next to him “Thomas Fell killed me.” His wallet tells us he was Wuhan, a famous adventurer.

Charles burns occult, forensics, and cthulu mythos to find that these obelisks are teleportation devices used by the old ones for travel. We should be able to use it to get home.

We are looking around in the train and find lots of dead people. We throw all the dead bodies outside and setup camp in the train car.

At Fell's House in the Basement
Where it gets for reals.

We go downstairs into the basement that shouldn’t exist. It looks like a standard basement, but there is a bunch of camping equipment and outdoorsing stuff.

And of course there’s a pitch black obelisk that should not exist coming out of the floor that shouldn’t exist.

Jack puts on a ’Squatch coat. He looks like a boss.

Jack’s desire to look like a boss fires up the Obelisk and then we all are struck by red lightning and suddenly we are falling and we end up on a mountain top.

I just saw the picture; like a BOSS. -H

At Fell's House in the Study
In the study & upstairs

Jones goes into a room and it looks like a study. Books line all the walls.

There are photos there of all kinds mountains. Some regions unidentified and we think most are the Andes.

Jack recognizes a guy in the photos as Janus a big game hunter. He has a big ole elephant gun and he’s all cheesy and happy. Everyone is happy except the Asian guy.

We take a photo of the wall with the map. Wind is clearly from beneath the wall.

We went upstairs, and there was nothing really there except signs that people had been searching for something.

At Fell's House

Thomas’s house looks like it is growing out the rock.

There’s dust and dirt and footprints everywhere. Looks like lots of people have been going in and out.

There are tons of old catalogs on the front porch.

The house appears to be growing out of a wall of rock. None of it makes any sense. It doesn’t look like it should be there.

We find an envelope from University of Berlin stating they want to buy his columbian artifacts and they will spare no expense.

Jack burns a point of preparedness so that we have flashlights and torches. Charles(-1 pharmacy) and Jones (-1 explosives) work together to build some TNT.

Danny open the door to find it blocked by a giant vine. It’s a living plant It’s really windy in there. Loses another point of stability because the topography doesn’t makes sense. It seems like you’re outside, even though you’re inside.

There’s a gigantic tree that grows through the house and exits the house through the back, but when we were outside the house we didn’t see it, so Jack starts to loose it.

We found a mason jar with Fell’s head in it. It looks like it has been in there for a few months. Charles is trying to figure out how it fits in the jar, like a ship in a bottle scenario.

More mail all over the floor. His bank statements indicate that he was getting money from Berlin and he had plane tickets all over South America.

We find a bunch of Mezo-American knick-knacks and paddy whacks in the sink. They look rather valuable but they are just loose in the sink like they were being washed. We throw them into the bag.

We're headed up nawth (to "deal" with Fell)
And by deal, we mean kill

Thomas Fell was in the diner meeting with one blue eyed blonde and two questionable folks who seemed like out of towners. Like Asian Sherpas… maybe Portugese.

Jones has an occult medallion

Jones Mccracken asks about his medallion and find out that it is modern and not a relic. Armitage says to talk to “Bob” down the hall who is a military historian.

Jones blows a point of history to talk shop with Bob. Bob says it shouldn’t exist but it looks like something from Innsmouth. Looks like some sort of an medal indicating rank and occult branch. Looks like it’s from pretty high up.

Jones leaves it with him to see what Bob can figure out.

Thelma was a woman of questionable virtue

Armitage was hooking up with her
Charles Winston was hooking up with her
Thomas Fell was hooking up with her
Plus probably some other dudes… and maybe some chicks.

Armitage thinks Fell killed her and he has one of the pages from the future that he stole off the desk. He’s likely at his home in New Hampshire.

Armitage requests that we bring him to justice. (in other words, kill him.)

In New York
Things get Real...

We borrow a car and go by the addresses of the Winston homes.

One house is vacant and two Germans are sitting on a bench outside it. Danny hops out and follows the Germans back to our hotel where they are holed up on the floor below.

Danny loses some sanity and thinks that the Germans have the ability to monitor thoughts.

Danny blows a point of preparedness to get a poker table where we pass notes under the guise of poker. Eventually, the ruse fails and the Germans fire machine guns into the room and then leave.

Charles burns a point of Evidence Collection and a point of forensics to notice that one of the medals is of unknown origin and purpose. It’s pitch black and very intricate.

Jones Mccracken burns a point of history and loses one point of sanity. It reminds him of old magic. It is clearly a service medal of some sort but of unknown origin. Jones feels compelled to put it in his pocket.

Charles, driven by curiosity, dives into the basement. It’s like an armory down there. Danny takes a Tommy gun. Charles takes a pump shotgun.

We open the safe and find another page of the book of Azathoth labeled “this is the key”. Danny feels a voice in his head that says “Give me what I want!” He screams yes and agrees.

Danny passes out after he feels the documents. The page floats mysteriously into the study.

Jones notices that one of the walls in the study doesn’t look right. Charles holds the page up to the wall, and a portal opens. He takes the cylinder and as in a trance he begins to walk outside the house. Jones goes after him, and notices that Austin Kittrell is waiting outside to collect the cylinder. He says we will meet again.

We go back to Miskatonic and talk to Armitage and he said maybe it was the Galviston cylinder which they’ve been looking for for years. He says they asked Armitage for it but he said he couldn’t find it. Rumor has it that it belonged to the great old ones and they used them to travel. Most people who ever touch it go crazy. You might lose some of yourself in the cylinder.

At Miskatonic

Charles opens the photo and two keys tied with twine.

We talk to Dr. Armitage and he doesn’t know to whom they belong. Suggests maybe they belong to Charles who lived in New York. We look him up in the phone book, hoping to find some relatives.

Jack gets a call from Austin Kittrell who is still asking for the cylinder. Jack is tongue tied, and then Austin hangs up after saying he was friends with Charles, but they were on different sides of the issue. Jones thinks maybe that meant that Charles was poor.

In midtown Boston at a nondescript hotel

Danny Valient notices some people trailing and gives Jones their description. When Jones goes to the lobby he sees five Germans in there.

Tries to quietly use the phone to relay information about the apartment to They don’t mention anything about a cylinder so Jack doesn’t say anything about it. They have a couple of photos.

After the call, the Germans follow them upstairs. Danny heads out the fire escape, successfully drops a pot on a dudes head who is waiting in the alley.

The lost the tail by running around town

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