The Winston Pact

Inside the Asylum

It’s about 45 minutes to the administration office. It’s an enormous place. As we pass by the asylum Danny notices that the number of orderlies doesn’t seem like enough for the number of patients.

We arrive at the Administration building and request to see Dr Smith.

Smith agrees to take Charles in to see James Hargreaves while the other guys wait in the lobby.

Charles gets the doc to give him the file of James Hargreaves. Says he is very violent. Chuck asks how and told that he bit someones ear off.

Charles feels that Dr Smith is telling the truth. Doc left Charles with the file.

James is rather hysterical explaining that he will die that night. He says that “He is already dead.” He knew all our names. And said one way or another he would die tonight.

“A gentleman will throw down a card with AK, or I will be stuck by lightning, but I will die tonight”



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