The Winston Pact

In the train

The dead kid smells like the same stuff the head is soaking in.

He has a growth in his chest and it turns out to be one of the transportation stones. We figure we need one stone per person to travel back.

From behind us Thomas Fell appears and he says “You will never get the stones. They are mine.”

Jack turns and shoots Thomas in the head, who’s head drops and then pops right back up. Jones and Jack both blow firearms points and Jones cuts him in half with his shotgun.

Danny throws a flask on him and sets him on fire. Then we see the head sprout legs and walk away.

Jack loses his shit, but tries to pull it together by focusing on his parents and butler.

Danny is on the brink of losing his shit but focused on Father Logan.

Charles chases after the head and grabs it by the hair. The head screams and all of the dead bodies reanimate.

Shots do nothing to the dead bodies. We decide to stuff the mouth of Thomas full of dynamite and throw the head at the other bodies.

He blows up but the other heads start walking around in the same way.

We looks over Thomas’s burnt body and find the other stones we need. We head back to the obelisk and are transported back to the basement.

We find the page sticking out of the obelisk. It starts to get windy again and we run out just as the house phases out of existence. Danny pulls Charles back just as he is about to disappear with the house.




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