The Winston Pact

Go visit James Hargrave

Armitage says, “Sorry about the last adventure, it was a test.”

No for the reals, go and visit James Hargrave, he might have some idea how the time travel letters are happening. He fully believes the letters are from himself in the future, but he is sounding more and more desperate.

He’s at Arkham Asylum… as a patient of Dr. Smith. He was a professor @ Miskatonic. Tell him that we’re friends with Armitage.

  • Charles takes an overnight bag and a doctor bag with sedatives and scalpel and standard doctor accouterments.
  • Danny takes brass knuckles and an overnight bag.
  • Jones takes a knife and overnight bag.
  • Belmont takes fancy luggage with a gun in a hidden compartment and a two shooter in his boot.



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