The Winston Pact

Charles and Jones visit the Asylum

Charles and Jones ride horses down to the Asylum. They use the keys to open the doors and head down to James room. His door is ajar.

Charles and Jones both fail to sense any trouble so they head into the room. It’s a bloody scene. James has been dismembered. There is blood everywhere. Almost immediately, Jones is stabbed in the back and falls to the ground in the doorway.

The doc’s (def mute orderly) turns out not to be so deaf and says something or other as he lumbers towards Charles. Charles goes into his Dr’s back for a tranquilizer needle. As the large orderly steps over Jones, he grabs his leg and trips him. When the big guy hits the ground Charles quickly stabs him in the neck and it’s lights out.

Shortly thereafter Danny and Jack show up.

Research finds that there are tons of passages and references in the books indicating today that are circled, or highlighted in some way. James knew he was going to die today.

We lock the big orderly in the room and take his keys.

There is some reference to the graveyard… from somewhere.. I missed the notes on this



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