The Winston Pact

At the graveyard.

Danny stands watch at the gate.

We all go in and find the grave for James, and it is dated today, but it looks like the ground has not been disturbed. We need shovels to dig so we head over to the shed.

We hear a knocking in the shed, so we call Danny over from the gate with cleverly disguised nature calls. “Ca caw ca caw. Whoo Whoo”

He comes over and gives his Tommy gun to Jones Mccracken to cover the door. He takes out his knife and brass knuckles and prepares to enter the room. Charles prepares to open the door and Jack is going to shine the light inside.

The door opens and it’s a zombie type character with a note pinned to his chest that says “I want the book” and it stumbles towards us. Danny pins it to the wall with one hand and stabs furiously with the knife to no effect. Jack leaps into the room and grabs a pick axe. He yells for Danny to step aside as he swings wilds pinning the zombie to the wall with the axe. Jones and Charles wait patiently outside for the shenanigans to complete.

We return to the graveyard and dig. We find a coffin and when opened it reveals a creepy black book that seems to be made of some sort of black onion skin or something we don’t know the origin of. It has a crazy symbol on the cover and we suspect this must be the book in question.

We hop on the horses and head quickly back to town.



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